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Dr. Letgolts and patient: The benefits of physical therapy before and after joint replacement

Doug Kruschke – Patient

“What impressed both my wife and me is Dr. Letgolts’ ability to see how the whole body is connected just by having you walk. He is seeing and treating the whole system of the body. That seemed to fit from my perspective analytically and experientially.”

The Letgolts Method can help increase endurance and return stamina

Sean Crowley -Avid Cyclist

“I was seeing a chiropractor in San Gabriel Valley, and she suggested that I see Dr. Letgolts. She described his approach as unique. She learned about his method and thought I would benefit from it. He’s like an engineer of the body the work he does sticks! I never experienced that before.”

Letgolts Method Physical Therapy hands-on approach helps a singer improve her voice

Emily Colombier – Singer

“As Dr. Letgolts was working on my throat, it was pretty tight in my neck. Knowing that I’m a singer, he told me to tune in to see if I notice a difference in my singing. Before, Dr. Letgolts, when I would try to reach a note, it would be a whisper, or nothing would come out. Now it’s more of an ease.”

Andrea Brandt, Ph.D., MFT

“Dr. Allen Letgolts worked a miracle for me. It is because of him that I have any range of motion on the left side of my neck and shoulder. He is a fantastic physical therapist and I would recommend him enthusiastically to anyone.”

Carolyn Berger, Dancer

After more than 15 years of treatment and failure I found Dr. Letgolts. Within an hour he had accurately diagnosed my problem, began treatment and gave me specific instructions on what I could do on my own. All of which resulted in noticeable IMPROVEMENT. Dr. Letgolts is a thorough thinker whose explanations and instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. Way t’go, Dr. L. You’re a class act!

Christina Pickles, Actor

I arrived at Dr. Letgolts office in very severe pain. My neck was pounding and this recurring condition was worse than usual. I am now entirely pain FREE and have improved my posture/movement. This has given me a very welcome freedom in my work. My only wish is that I had begun working with Dr. Letgolts earlier.

Eileen Ehmann, Certified Personal Trainer

Several years ago, I was referred to Dr. Letgolts for treatment of a long-term back problem that puzzled many chiropractors and health practitioners. Upon my first visit, he swiftly diagnosed the problem and treated the area. I felt an immediate shift and improvement. Since then, Dr. Letgolts has provided hands-on instruction for additional strengthening and stretching, and I’ve been able to accelerate my exercise routines and perform well without pain. Professionally, I highly recommend Dr. Letgolts to all of the personal training clients that come to me with pain or movement limitations. I know he will treat them with the highest level of expertise, kindness and great patience.

Emily Levin

A former ballet dancer, I was always told that my injuries were permanent and the damage irreparable. Dr. Letgolts has taught me how to be more in tune with my body and what to focus on with respect to strength and conditioning. Not only do I feel better, but I’m enjoying the flexibility and balance I had when I was in my late teens and early twenties. Thank you, Dr.

Gail G.

Hi Dr. Letgolts, It was nice to hear that you are expanding your practice. It also gives me an opportunity to give you a belated but sincere thank you for helping me when I was visiting my son in LA. My left tilting posture was becoming more pronounced and walking was very uncomfortable; to say the least. I am an RN and should have known better then to have ignored this for so long. Your expertise with manipulation and knowledge of muscle anatomy and movement combined with being familiar with orthodics and a temporary lift in my shoe (until measured orthodics came in) enabled me to walk and enjoy my visit with my son. I have also followed your advice and have followed up with PT. Thanks again!

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Dr. Letgolts is by far the most knowledgable and effective physical therapist I know. His athletic background, coupled with an astute grasp of scientific and medical theory makes him a real lifesaver. Quite honestly, I don\’t know what I\’d do without him. Even better, I\’ve had to make very few visits to his office in the last two years!


Dr. Allen Letgolts has provided excellent professional diagnostic and therapeutic help with a chronic neck nerve problem. He is a brilliant and methodical physical therapist. I recommend him with utmost confidence.

Noel K.

A couple of months after having joint replacement surgery I was prescribed physical therapy. I ended up wasting one of my 12 yearly visits at another local physical therapist. I found Dr. Letgolts on my providers website. On my initial visit he spent a half hour talking to me one on one, getting a complete understanding of my history. He also thoroughly reviewed my posture, stance and ability to walk. He does not overbook, so he was not running from room to room tending to other patients…it was truly one on one PT. Dr. Letgolts then went to work on my leg really getting into the muscles and stretching everything. He has been helping me relearn to walk, and train my muscle to start firing again…my glutes have been a problem as my incision from surgery affected my glutes muscles. He also corrected my stance and posture…he created orthodics for my shoes and within a week and a half I am walking normally again. I am having another surgery in a few month…I plan on starting physical therapy with him one week after surgery.

Rick Edwards, Attorney at Law

On 3 occasions over the last 10 years conservative, capable, and accomplished surgeons have told me that, although I could try physical therapy briefly, dire consequences were possible if I delayed surgery. On each occasion, and for 3 separate conditions, Dr. Letgolts obtained results that put me at the top of the recovery statistics. I have used no one but Dr. Letgolts since.

Robert A. Krauch

As an Octogenarian, with long-term problems, I am confident in recommending the treatments and healing abilities of Dr. Allen Letgolts– The therapy I have received from the doctor has, and continues to be, extremely helpful. The many year’s-long stiffness in my neck, and lack of “range or motion,” has been greatly-reduced. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who suffers serious muscle/tendon problems — especially to those who have gained little help from other, lesser-trained, therapists.

Veronica C.

For over a year I have had trouble walking due to arthritis and hip pain. I had been told by my orthopedist and a consultant that nothing could be done but the pain to walk was unbearable, Dr. Letgolts did an extensive assessment of my pain, walk and arm movement. He told me that the orthodics I was wearing were not doing the job and that I needed an orthodic that was a whole sole long. Just using a temporary insole that he modified meant that I walked without pain for the first time in months. He is just a master who really listens and then treats. I have had just four sessions with him and already my life has changed – not running yet but walking well.

Jeff Archibald, ACE & NASM Certified Trainer

I am a 44 year old fitness trainer, physical therapy aide, and aging athlete with many past injuries: ACL reconstruction, herniated lumbar & cervical discs, dislocated/fractured shoulder, compression fractures of the thoracic vetebrae, and the list goes on. I have spent over $60,000 on surgeons, chiropractors, and (3 dozen) physical therapists all over the country. So, I speak with as much experience as any professional athlete with a lifetime of injuries and over-used body parts.
Dr. Letgolts is easily one of the best therapists in the country if not the world. He has an extensive knowledge of pain related issues; muscle/scar adhesions, nerve impingements, myofascial interactions, etc. and his cause & effect treatments & exercises work wonders. I have sent 100’s of people in his direction including my mother. Many had seen other types of health professionals to no avail. After just a few appts. all of them have thanked me for referring them to ‘Allen’.
If it were not for Dr. Letgolts I am certain I would not be as healthy, active and pain free as I am today. I have learned a great deal from his treatments and I consult with him regularly for treating my clients (many of whom are also his patients).