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Sport & Exercise Medicine Services

Did you know that physical therapy can actually prevent sports injuries? Athletes who play a certain sport tend to overuse those muscles and in the off-season, they work out those same muscles with the idea of becoming stronger in those areas. But working with a physical therapist can prevent strains and sprains from overuse by strengthening opposing muscle groups, ligaments and joints to balance your body. We can also improve flexibility and range of motion. Your therapist will analyze your movements and help you correct dangerous habits. If you are experiencing pains and strains, come see us as we can often help alleviate the need for surgery!

Yet, despite all of your care and training, injuries and accidents do occur. Whether it’s a torn ACL, MCL, meniscus, broken bones, fractures or any combo of injuries, we can work with you before surgery and after to help you achieve the optimal recovery in the shortest amount of time. Physical therapy is a must after surgery and you will likely even get started on PT at the hospital. Dr. Letgolts and his team have vast experience treating amateur, collegiate and professional athletes. They have creative approaches and exercises tailored to every individual that will actually decrease your pain, improve blood flow, reduce scar tissue and get you back to the sport or game you love in as minimal time as possible.

  Strengthen opposing muscles and correct movements before injury occurs
  Potentially heal injuries to avoid surgery
  Prepare for surgery with stretching and exercises to prep for the procedure
  Rehab post-surgery benefits include: Increased blood flow, muscle and joint strength, flexibility, mobility, range of motion and reduction of scar tissue