My Story

I never planned to become a Physical Therapist. My life experiences have simply directed me to my true calling.

In high school I excelled in physics and mathematics, using athletics as a break from the rigors of Soviet schooling. When I graduated and entered a university, engineering was a natural progression to my education. My family immigrated to the United States in 1979, first to New York and then to Los Angeles, where I found the combination of applied mathematics and computer science at UCLA to be a dynamic new field. Once again, I found balance in the physical activities of Karate, Tae Kwan Do, and dance.

Upon graduation I started designing 3D brain imaging software for UCLA’s Department of Neurology. After 7 years, while thoroughly enjoying the intellectual challenges of the job, I found myself missing the immediate human involvement. Around that time I was involved in a motorcycle accident and had to receive physical therapy treatment for my injuries.

That is when I discovered my true calling. I returned to school to fulfill the academic prerequisites for a physical therapy graduate program and was accepted to USC’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I was lucky. The program was the first on the West Coast to offer a Clinical Doctorate. This had great impact in developing me as a clinician. Upon graduation in 1998, I established Letgolts Method Physical Therapy practice and it has been in its current location since 2000. It grew steadily through word-of-mouth, building on our reputation as go-to clinicians for treating hard-to-solve conditions and improving people’s lives. After the grayness and hopelessness of the soviet life, I currently find myself looking forward to going to work every day.