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My Story

I never planned to be a physical therapist but it’s in the science and art of this vital therapy that I discovered my life’s calling.

I grew up in Ukraine, part of the former Soviet Union. In high school, I excelled in physics and mathematics, using athletics as a break from the rigors of Soviet schooling. When I graduated and entered a university, studying engineering was a natural choice.

My family immigrated to the United States in 1979, first to New York and then to Los Angeles, where I studied a dynamic new field that combined applied mathematics and computer science at UCLA. I naturally gravitated to physical activities, finding that Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and dance, balanced my academic life.

After school I designed 3D brain imaging software for UCLA’s Department of Neurology. I loved the intellectual challenges, but I missed being involved with humans. I wanted to help people through personal interaction. Coincidently, at that time I was in a motorcycle accident and had to receive physical therapy treatment for my injuries.

That is when I discovered my true calling. I became fascinated by the mechanics of the human body and learned that I could help those who needed relief using my skills and knowledge.

I returned to school to fulfill the academic prerequisites for a physical therapy graduate degree, and was accepted to USC’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I was lucky. The program was the first on the West Coast to offer a Clinical Doctorate.

With a doctorate in hand, I established Letgolts Method Physical Therapy practice. Because of my extensive education in the body’s systems, as well as my cross-disciplinary studies, I was able to develop the Letgolts Method, which is based on cause, not just symptoms. Treating pain without knowing the reason doesn’t solve problems long term. I have developed a unique practice based on discovering the origin of patients’ pain and treating that root problem, which often shows itself in symptoms which appear unrelated.

Since establishing my practice in Brentwood, it has grown steadily through word-of-mouth. We’ve built our reputation as go-to clinicians for treating hard-to-solve conditions because of our unique approach. After the grayness and hopelessness of the Soviet life, I currently find myself looking forward to going to work every day helping those who need relief to enjoy life again.