To be the best athlete you must first have a body that can support it. Through a sound understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, Dr. Letgolts creates the perfect program for the athlete who wants to take their game to the next level. Professional athletes as well as recreationally active people benefit from correct movement. Whether you play golf, tennis, run, bike, or enjoy other sports, we can assist you to become more proficient and avoid injury. Through manual therapy, stretching, strengthening, and re-educating muscular movement, we help you maximize your sports performance and endurance. Many of our patients experience dramatic improvement in their sports performance with minor adjustments in balance, strength, and quality of movement.


What creates a great athlete?

A good athlete performs beyond his/her capabilities to achieve a desired result, usually through talent and skill. A great athlete continues to achieve desired results because of a proper foundation, sound biomechanics, and an education for continued growth. The Letgolts Method does this and more. 

Are you a coach?

Every athlete has a coach, every coach has a coach. Dr. Letgolts teaches his signature formula to coaches and doctors all across the globe, providing quality information and techniques that work efficiently. Maximize your athlete's potential through sound education and experience better health. 

Many coaches use Dr. Letgolts as their go-to resource for injury prevention and performance enhancement challenges and questions. By learning to identify compensations related to issues that limit performance you can create powerful programs and structures that last a lifetime.