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Getting to the top of your game injury free

Dr. Letgolts and his team have shown pro and amateur athletes alike how to refine their movement to compete more efficiently and win. Because of his extensive knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology and years of competitive sports, martial arts and dance, Dr. Letgolts and team teach physically active individuals how to fine tune their movement, taking them to the next level of performance and preventing injury. Whether the patient wants to fully enjoy recreational sports or is a pro who needs every competitive advantage, the Letgolts Method is the choice of winners.

True to the Letgolts Method, sports performance enhancement starts with an analysis of the patient’s body structure and mechanics. How you swing a club or racket, run, swim, cycle, stand or approach the ball is all taken into consideration. Only then is an individual plan devised. By adjusting skeletal alignment and muscular movement using appropriate devices, manual therapy, stretching, strengthening and selecting or adjusting correct equipment, athletes can compete at their peak and have fun. Letgolts patients are able to maximize their abilities, increase endurance and improve balance by making prescribed changes. Whether a client is playing backyard pickleball or training for the Olympics, their competitive edge can be honed with an individually designed plan.

"This physical therapy is heaven to me and anyone can utilize it, even if you're not an athlete."

Tennis Coach, Wkwesi Williams


What creates a great athlete?

A good athlete performs beyond his/her capabilities to achieve a desired result, usually through talent and skill. A great athlete continues to achieve desired results because of a proper foundation, sound biomechanics, and an education for continued growth. The Letgolts Method does this and more.

Coaching the coach

Every athlete has a coach. Every great coach has a coach. Successful trainers know they need a variety of resources for their clients to attain their best performance. Dr. Letgolts is the go-to expert for coaches who want help identifying compensations athletes have unconsciously developed. He can help coach and client understand the physical mechanics that need adjustment after habitual misuse of muscles and incorrect alignment. He teaches coaches how to spot problems to prevent future shortcomings and injury. His advice can solve the problems an athlete faces now, and build a safer, more efficient program for life. A coach with successful athletes uses every resource available to improve and sustain enhanced sports performance.