LA Magazine Los Angeles Magazine’s 2020 Best Physical Therapy Practice in LA

Dr.  Johnson Hsiao-Chen Wei grew up in Taiwan with dreams of becoming a professional tennis player.  As he approached university age, he realized that if he couldn’t be a professional athlete, he could at least work with them and help them recover from injuries.  By the time Dr. Wei finished his undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy at National Taiwan University, he learned that there are so many different populations he enjoys helping and interacting with.  Dr. Wei is one of the few who hold a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy as Taiwan offers PT as an undergrad course of study.  Dr. Wei completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Loma Linda University, coming to the United States to pursue further knowledge in our century- old established practices.   He has served as a Graduate Assistant at Loma Linda and has worked in various hospitals and schools in Taipei City, treating everything from sports injuries to post-op patients and deconditioned elders.

Dr. Wei is excited to now bring his skills to Letgolts Method patients.  Dr. Wei is also a Strength and Conditioning specialist so he can design training programs, provide motion analysis and enhance athlete performance.   Dr. Wei stresses PT is not just for injuries.  It can improve overall quality of life, help in working environments and simply return patients to their finest, pain-free forms.

When not working, Dr. Wei can be found playing basketball, tennis or guitar - especially bass guitar.  He speaks both Mandarin and English.