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Pilates is an additional service offered at the Letgolts Method Physical Therapy office.
The spacious Pilates studio has all the appropriate equipment, in order to accelerate treatment success as well as an exercise program.

Taught by certified instructors, with Dr. Letgolts’ personal involvement, Pilates offers patients’ an additional exercise option, reinforcing the treatment benefits, aligning posture and strengthening core muscles. Proper alignment and core strength are vital for the improved movement and health sought by Dr. Letgolts’ patients.

Developed by Joseph Pilates during WWI, the prescribed movements have been practiced by dancers, gymnasts and others interested in increased flexibility, strength and a lean body. The Pilates system coordinates with Dr. Letgolts’ methodology to produce ease of movement and muscle control.

Appointments may be arranged for half-hour, forty-five minutes or one hour. Class packages are available as well as single classes.